Restaurants & Catering

If a funeral or memorial service takes place at a church, typically the church will put on a funeral luncheon at the church after the service.  There may or may not be a charge for this.  If the funeral service is taking place at the funeral home, you may be looking for a restaurant to have a luncheon at or to have cater an outside luncheon at your family home.  Here are a few local restaurants that may be of help:

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The Shirt Factory Cafe
115 West Center Street, Medina, New York 14103

Zambistro Restaurant                                          
408 Main Street, Medina, New York 14103                 (585)-798-2433

Avanti's Pizzeria                                      
500 Main Street, Medina, New York 14103                                  (585)-798-1100

The Pillars Estate
13800 West County House Road, Albion,
​New York 14411

Rudy's Diner

118 West Center Street, Medina, New York 14103

Country Club Family Restaurant

535 Main Street, Medina, New York 14103
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