Transfer Your PrePlan

Can I transfer my PrePlan funeral contract to Cooper Funeral Home?

Yes. First and most importantly, you are the owner of your PrePlan account. New York State law requires that money held in all preplanned funeral contracts, also known as a preneed or prearrangement, be placed in a trust account by a funeral home licensed by the state. In New York, state law requires these contracts to be held in a trust fund with the funeral home as "trustee".

How do I transfer my PrePlan to Cooper Funeral Home?

Simply gather the prearranged contract documents you have in your possession and bring them in or we will meet with you in the comfort of your home to discuss and finalize this transaction. To ease stress, you will not be required to contact the funeral home which you are transferring from by phone, however, you (the beneficiary) will need to mail a written letter (downloadable below) to the former funeral home notifying/instructing them to transfer the funds in your name to Cooper Funeral Home.

Download PrePlan Transfer Letter (click here)